Whether you’re enjoying the late summer warmth or you can’t wait for cool fall temperatures, your home’s HVAC system can benefit from smart solutions. Keep reading to find out which tech solutions are best for your Columbus home.


It’s hard to predict when your home will lose power, but summer’s strong storms and high winds can interrupt electricity for hours or even days. Losing power is never convenient, and a power loss can even compromise health if you or your family members rely on medical devices. Power losses in summer can be particularly uncomfortable, as rising temperatures mean your air conditioner is a necessity.

Installing a generator can eliminate much of the worry around a power loss. Indoor Services specializes in generators that run on natural gas or propane. Permanent natural gas generators connect to your electrical system and turn on right away in the event of a power disruption. They are available in several sizes, depending on your home’s power needs. Portable generators require propane to operate and run as long as the fuel allows. They can typically keep basic appliances and air conditioning running to keep you healthy and comfortable.

Zoning Systems

Maintaining a consistent temperature throughout your home can be tough when you’re cooling it as a single unit. Homes don’t always cool evenly from room to room, resulting in hot bedrooms and overly cold living rooms. Instead of cooling your entire home at once, consider zoning your HVAC system. You can introduce zoning systems to your existing HVAC unit with a handful of modifications.

First, you’ll need an experienced air conditioner technician to install automatic dampers throughout your ducts in order to control air flow to different parts of your home. Next, you’ll need a control panel to open and close dampers as necessary. Finally, you’ll need a thermostat to set temperatures for the various zones throughout your home. By retrofitting your existing HVAC system with zoning technology, you can both improve the system’s performance and increase your family’s comfort throughout the summer.

Smart Thermostats

When you want your home to maintain an optimal temperature throughout the day, a smart thermostat is a necessity. These devices allow you to program lower temperatures when you’re at home to enjoy the cool breeze and set higher temperatures when you’re at work or school.

Since smart thermostats connect to your home’s Wi-Fi, you can log in and change the temperature using a smartphone app. You can override the programmed settings when your schedule changes, so whether you’re across town at work or around the world on a beach, you can make sure you’re never wasting money or energy. Most smart thermostats also monitor the weather, so they can prompt your HVAC system to respond accordingly if a big temperature drop is in the forecast.


Humidity levels can get uncomfortably high in Georgia, and excessive moisture in the air can make you feel hotter than you already are. Though your HVAC system lowers your home’s humidity as it creates cool air, sometimes that alone isn’t enough. If your home constantly feels too humid, consider investing in a whole-home dehumidifier. This device pairs with your existing HVAC system to remove excess moisture from the air, make you feel much cooler, improve your indoor air quality, and give your air conditioner a break.

Whole House Diagnostics

If something seems off with your HVAC system but you’re not sure what it is, whole house diagnostics from Indoor Solutions uses high-tech equipment to make your air visible. When you can see where air enters and leaves your home, as well as where it stagnates, you’ll have a much clearer picture of how you can improve indoor air quality. From ventilators to air purifiers to ultraviolet lamps, a number of tech solutions can work with your HVAC system to keep your indoor air pure and clean and make sure your family stays healthy throughout the season.

Want to find out how easy it is to integrate these tech solutions into your home? Call the HVAC pros at Indoor Solutions today: 706-225-8241.

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