Indoor Air Quality

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Indoor air quality is more than keeping your home or office at a comfortable temperature. Pollution, allergens and mold affect the quality of the air you breathe and could have an impact on your health and that of those around you. Regular inspections and air quality monitoring let you breathe cleaner air free from particulates that shorten the life of your heating and air conditioning system and contribute to sick building syndrome.

Homes and commercial buildings in the Columbus, Ga., area spend the summer months sealed from the heat. A sealed building stays cooler, but without proper maintenance, indoor air quality could be lower than that of outside air. At Indoor Solutions Inc., we are dedicated to maintaining the highest air quality standards for your family and employees.

Indoor Air Quality

To run at peak efficiency, your HVAC system must recirculate some of conditioned air. Return air moving through your system keeps your home or office cooler, but it increases the likelihood of environmental pollutants such as smoke, particles of cooking oil, pollen and other allergens diminishing air quality. Using the appropriate filters for your system, cleaning coils and maintaining the integrity of your ductwork is essential to cleaner, purer air.

Some particulate matter in air is a nuisance, but other contaminants could be hazardous to your health. Carbon monoxide, an odorless and colorless gas, is a natural by-product of combustion, including heat from your stove, fireplace and any natural gas-burning appliances. In a building with a well-maintained ventilation system, the gas vents harmlessly to the outside air. Improper recirculation or leaks in ductwork could permit the dangerous gas to circulate with conditioned air. Radon, another gas you can neither see nor smell, can also infiltrate your home from cracks in the basement or foundation.

As part of our regular maintenance schedule, we offer:

  • Filter assessment and replacement
  • Ductwork checks
  • Cleaning of condenser and evaporator coils
  • Carbon monoxide and radon testing
  • Home indoor air quality assessment

Air Conditioning and Air Quality

Air temperature affects quality as well as comfort. Warm air holds more moisture than cool air, which is why a steamy summer day feels humid. If your air conditioner cannot cool your home efficiently, that additional humidity contributes to mold growth. Damp air also allows the evaporator coils that provide your AC’s cooling power to ice over or grow dirty quickly, lessening its efficiency and contributing to poor home indoor air quality.

Today’s technology gives us a range of new tools to combat contaminants and allergens in your indoor air. Additional dehumidifiers can wring the moisture from the most humid summer morning. Electronic air cleaners, HEPA filtration systems and ultraviolet air purifiers match those found in hospitals and provide the cleanest possible air by removing pollutants and particulates before they circulate through your ventilation system.

Indoor Solutions Inc. serves the air quality needs of the greater Columbus, Ga., and Phenix City, Ala., area.

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