HVAC Maintenance

Save Hundreds with Indoor Solutions’ Preventative HVAC Maintenance Agreement

Whether you have an older heating and air conditioning system or are upgrading to a new system, the equipment needs regular maintenance to perform well. Routine maintenance enhances your unit’s efficiency, improves comfort and air quality. and locates potential trouble spots that could become expensive repairs.

Air Conditioning Maintenance

In the Columbus, Ga., area air conditioners work hard to keep your home comfortable when outside temperatures soar. Without regular HVAC maintenance, that constant effort takes its toll. Dust and soil collect on evaporator coils, decreasing your AC’s cooling efficiency. Filters become clogged with particulates. Ductwork loses cool air to hot attic spaces.

Your maintenance agreement with Indoor Solutions Inc. takes care of these concerns and lets your AC work at peak efficiency. When your air conditioner is clean and in good repair, it delivers more consistent temperatures and better economy. Because a clean system doesn’t have to work as hard, regular service can extend your AC’s life. Your air conditioning maintenance agreement includes the following services:

  • Cleaning indoor and outdoor coils
  • Checking refrigerant levels
  • Inspecting electrical connections
  • Cleaning and draining drip pans
  • Adjusting radiator fins for more effective heat transfer
  • Changing filters
  • Assessing duct integrity
  • Monitoring air temperatures at vents and in the plenum

HVAC Maintenance

Like your air conditioner, your heating system also needs regular maintenance for top performance. Depending on the type of heater in your home, HVAC maintenance can also help protect your household from hazardous conditions. Soot build-up, improper gas flow or insufficient venting could become a danger without routine check-ups on the system.

Any heating system that involves combustion produces the odorless, invisible gas carbon monoxide. Normally, this by-product of heating your home exits harmlessly through the ventilation system, but leaking ducts and improper seals can trap the gas within your home. Should the pilot light of your natural gas heater go out, gas may find its way into your home and present a combustion hazard. For geothermal systems with heat exchangers, a break in the system reduces efficiency dramatically.

Typical heating maintenance checks include:

  • Checking pilot lights and ignition switches
  • Removing soot from burners and pilot lights
  • Inspecting electrical relays and switches
  • Maintaining seals and insulation on ductwork
  • Inspecting heat exchangers for flaws or cracks
  • Adjusting air-to-fuel ratios for optimal efficiency

Homeowners in the Columbus, Ga., metro area including Phenix City, Ala., can contact us for more information on annual service agreement plans.

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