When you live in Opelika, Alabama, staying cool on hot summer days is serious business. Older air conditioners can’t always keep up, but cutting-edge cooling systems are designed to keep the whole family perfectly comfortable. Thinking about investing in a new air conditioner this summer? From superior efficiency to high-tech add-ons, discover six cool advances in air conditioning technology.

Superior Efficiency

If your current air conditioner is more than a decade old, it probably doesn’t stand a chance compared to the efficiency that new models can offer. Efficiency standards have increased substantially in the past few years, and the most efficient models must meet or exceed standards that came into effect in January 2015.

To make sure you’re getting the most bang for your buck and wasting as little energy as possible, look for an Energy Star-certified model. These air conditioners must have seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER) ratings of at least 15, but many have much higher ratings.

Two-Stage Cooling

If you’ve lived in Opelika for long, you know that just one level of cooling power isn’t enough. That’s why the Indoor Solutions team frequently recommends investing in a Bryant Evolution One- and Two-Stage Air Conditioner. This system boasts two-stage cooling, which means it operates at a low level most of the time and kicks into high gear only when necessary. That means you can stay nice and cool throughout the summer without wasting energy or money.

Corrosion Protection

Living just a short drive from the Gulf Coast is a wonderful perk for most Opelika area homeowners, but there are some downsides to the proximity, too. Coastal air can be much saltier than inland air, which can quickly corrode your outdoor air conditioning unit.

If you’ve already had to deal with replacing or repairing a corroded unit years before you’d planned, you’ll be happy to know that some of the most advanced systems now come with corrosion protection. Talk with our team about Bryant systems with coastal designs and added warranties to protect from corrosive salt air.

Quiet Operation

If your family loves hosting barbecues and outdoor get-togethers for friends and neighbors, then you know how easily a loud air conditioner can drown out a great party. Fortunately, some of the newest units come with AeroQuiet system design, which makes them remarkably quiet, even when operating at full speed. Systems like the Evolution One- and Two-Stage air conditioners operate at about 66 decibels, which means they’re about as loud as a vacuum.

If you’re looking for a little peace and quiet, this should be music to your ears. With an air conditioner this quiet, you can even enjoy a morning cup of coffee or an evening cocktail outdoors without interruption.

Air Quality Add-Ons

Older air conditioners can’t always keep your home’s air quality as pristine as you might like, but new cooling systems excel at keeping the air remarkably clean and healthy. Many new systems boast enhanced dehumidification powers, which means they maintain moderate humidity levels while keeping your home nice and cool.

All new air conditioners filter indoor pollutants out of the air, but if you’re looking for a little extra protection from allergens, our team can recommend a range of indoor air quality components. Whole-house air purifiers can trap mold, pollen, tobacco smoke, and even viruses, removing almost all contaminants from the air. Whole-house dehumidifiers work with your HVAC system to remove moisture from the air and prevent mold, dust mites, and other pollutants from thriving.

Smart Thermostats

One of the coolest perks of a new air conditioner is that it couldn’t be easier to manage, thanks to smart controls like the Housewise Wi-Fi Thermostat. You can program your household’s preferred cooling schedule into this smart device, and it will cool your home automatically. You can also adjust it on a whim, whether you’re heading home and want to cool things down before you arrive or you’re heading to the coast for the weekend and want to save energy using the device’s vacation mode.

Isn’t time you upgraded your home’s air conditioner with a high-tech model? Call the experienced techs at Indoor Solutions Inc. today to learn more about our cooling systems: 706-225-8241.

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