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7 Tips to Extend Your Eufaula, GA, Furnace Lifespan

December 20, 2021

When you buy a heating system for your Eufaula, GA, house, you should expect it to run for a minimum of 18-20 years. This is the standard for furnaces that receive service on a regular basis. Here are seven crucial strategies for extending the lifespan of your home’s furnace.

1. Keep Up With Furnace Maintenance Tasks

If there’s one thing you can do to show that you care about the lifespan of your furnace, it’s to get it tuned up every year. Regular preventive maintenance is often the most important factor in determining how long your furnace will run.

A skilled HVAC repair specialist will examine and clean your furnace completely from top to bottom. A maintained furnace will always operate more effectively which is sure to save you cash. A cleaned furnace will also enhance the quality of your indoor air and keep your house healthier.

2. Change Your Air Filters

Homeowners sometimes ignore their air filters, and most of them don’t replace dirty air filters with newer models on a regular basis. As a result, unclean air filters in the HVAC system circulate bad, polluted air throughout your home. Furthermore, if you don’t replace clogged air filters, your furnace will have to work harder than necessary to maintain a consistent airflow, thereby reducing the life of your furnace.

You should make it a habit to change your filters on a regular basis. It’s incredibly affordable and simple to accomplish, and it’ll save you money on repairs in the long term. Filters require replacement every three months in most circumstances.

3. Upgrade to a Smart Thermostat

Smart thermostats employ cutting-edge technology to self-adjust their readings before issuing commands to the HVAC system. Unlike conventional thermostats, some smart thermostat learns your pattern, allowing you to conserve energy whether you’re asleep or out on errands. Your furnace’s total lifespan increases as a result of it functioning efficiently and in harmony with your routine.

4. Maintain Set Temperatures

Changing the temperature on your thermostat frequently puts additional strain on your furnace. Maintaining a constant temperature for around eight hours a day is good advice for preventing wear and tear.

5. Properly Insulate Your Home

As previously mentioned, overworked and longer-running units consume more energy to heat and cool your house. Your system then depletes faster, lowering its longevity. Upgrading your home’s insulation is one approach to guarantee that your system runs smoothly and efficiently.

One of the primary ways your Eufaula, GA, home loses heat is through the attic/roof and around your windows. It’s highly suggested that you add insulation in the walls, attic and ducts, as well as sealing the areas around doors and windows.

6. Have Your Ductwork Cleaned

Your air ducts, like any other HVAC component, require cleaning and repair. Because air ducts are in charge of maintaining the air quality in your home, they can become polluted with dirt, dust and other contaminants that degrade your air quality. Furthermore, unclean air ducts can make your furnace run harder because they’re impeding the smooth flow of air.

To enhance your indoor air quality, contact an HVAC professional for ductwork cleaning. If your household has pets, people with allergies or smokers, you should get your air ducts cleaned more frequently.

7. Set Your Ceiling Fans to Run Counterclockwise

Ceiling fans that rotate counterclockwise enable warm air to move more effectively around your house. As heat rises and collects toward the ceiling, a ceiling fan can push the air down, allowing for better circulation of heated air.

To extend the lifespan of your furnace, make sure to follow the tips listed above. Indoor Solutions Inc. can assist you with the maintenance and repair of your HVAC systems. We’re a licensed, experienced and qualified company based out of western Georgia.

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