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Let’s Talk About Airflow in Auburn, GA

August 16, 2021

Clean and fresh air inside your home eases the sweltering temperatures of summer in Auburn, GA. Regrettably, pollution degrades natural air over time and could be a health threat to you and your other household members. There are many ways you can boost airflow in your indoor spaces, and below are the six most recommended ways.

Improve Overall Air Ventilation

During the hot summer weather, your home needs proper airflow to stay cool. The ventilation system in your home is responsible for driving out hot air and introducing fresh air from the outdoors. That’s often the work of the exhaust and intake vents in your home.

If your intake and exhaust vents don’t have proper insulation, they will likely restrict and obstruct quality airflow. Premium vent-sealing products can fix leaky venting systems, preventing appliance fumes, allergens, pollutants and auto exhaust from flowing into your air distribution system. Hire a professional to get the exhaust and intake vents sealed to boost airflow in your home.

Undersized or Oversized Ductwork

As air flows through the ductwork and to the target locations in your home, it has to maintain enough static pressure. If you have larger ductwork in place, the air pressure will be low, so enough air may not reach the targeted location.

On the other hand, if you have ductwork that’s too narrow, it will restrict quality airflow. That way, the desired amount of air won’t flow to your targeted indoor spaces. The only solution to improve airflow in such cases is to have the ductwork redesigned and replaced by a professional HVAC specialist.

Install Humidity and Air Filtration Products

You can install several devices in your central heating and cooling system’s ductwork to improve airflow. The most recommended products you can install are the whole-house filtration systems designed to seizure and kill airborne pollutants. Used in conjunction with UV filters, these systems can destroy all bacteria, allergens, and viruses entering your home.

That will ensure the pollutants won’t flow into your home air distribution system to impact air quality. In addition, consider installing a whole-home dehumidifier and humidifier to help set the level of your indoor humidity to manageable levels. Combined with the right humidity control products, air filtration systems can make your indoor air fresher and cleaner.

Get the Air Ducts Cleaned

When debris, dirt or dust clogs the vents, you might experience inefficient airflow. Clogged air ducts strain the optimal operation of your HVAC system, which affects smooth airflow. To keep the HVAC system working optimally, you should schedule a regular duct cleaning.

Professional duct cleaning specialists will remove the dust, debris and other particles coating your ductwork. That way, the ducts will be clean to allow smooth and efficient airflow.

Get Your Air Filters Replaced At Least Once Every 90 Days

The air filter is one of the most important parts of your HVAC system. It’s the component responsible for cleaning the air flowing inside, making your home feel fresher. If it’s not functioning well, you might start noticing an airflow deficiency.

You should regularly replace your heating and cooling system’s air filters, so they can filter the air flowing indoors properly. Plan for regular air filter changes to optimize the performance of your HVAC system and reduce energy bills.

Install Ceiling Fans

Another cost-effective way to boost airflow in your home is to turn on the ceiling fans. Fans increase the efficient circulation of air in your target room.

The ceiling fans will help your home’s interior feel cooler. They will help you lower your energy bills since you’ll feel cooler and can raise the setting on your thermostat several degrees. Additionally, you’ll optimize the life of your AC since using it less means less wear and tear.

Our technicians are knowledgeable, skilled and ready to provide world-class air conditioner installation and repair services in Auburn, GA. Contact Indoor Solutions’ team of professionals to schedule HVAC maintenance services to keep your system working efficiently.

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