poor indoor air quality

Maximizing Indoor Air Quality

June 28, 2020

Your HVAC system can do much more than cooling the air in your home in Columbus, GA. With proper filtration, you can enjoy cleaner, dryer air as well. Here are ways you can maximize your indoor air quality.

1. Increase Natural Ventilation

If anyone in your home struggles with allergies, it may be counterintuitive to bring in fresh air and increase the risk of pollen. However, all HVAC systems draw in some outside air. The key is to make sure the air is filtered before it enters your home. This is the best way to clear out any internal toxins that may have built up from plastic or adhesive outgassing.

2. Install an Air Cleaner for Improved Indoor Air Quality

Air cleaners run the gamut, from a particular house plant to an indoor air purification system. Depending on the severity of the sensitivity in your household, you may want to start with a tabletop air cleaner.

Carefully follow manufacturer’s instructions to keep the filters cleaned or replaced as necessary. In addition to the installation of an air cleaner, make sure to have your AC system serviced or repaired by one of our technicians.

3. Monitor Your Floors

Floors are havens for dust and debris. Invest in a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter that can be used regularly to sweep away dust. If possible, consider putting a Bot vacuum to work in your home, so it can run overnight while you sleep.

Regular mopping can also help to manage dust. Finally, make sure each doorway has a sizable mat to collect dirt from the outside.

4. Good Indoor Air Quality Means No Smoking or VOCs Allowed

Secondhand cigarette smoke is one of the most common and riskiest sources of indoor air pollution. Set up a smoking area on your patio if you must have one and be vigilant about not allowing anyone to light up while still inside the house.

Dryer sheets, plug-in air fresheners, and scented candles may produce odors we appreciate, but all of these products also release volatile organic compounds or VOCs. Exposure to VOCs can trigger an allergy or asthma attack. When shopping for products, go as fragrance free as possible to reduce exposure.

5. Get Your Ducts Checked

No matter how careful you are, the ductwork inside your home is carries air that includes allergens, pollen and more. Condensation may lead to dust clinging and clumping to the walls of your ducts.

Additionally, dirt, pet hair and dander can collect in your ducts, leading to an allergy or asthma trigger. Getting your ducts cleaned on a regular basis can provide your entire home with cleaner air.

6. UV Air Purification Improved Indoor Air Quality

You can also purchase UV air purification product to add to the filtration stages of your HVAC system. If questionable air quality is a health risk for anyone in your home, this filtration add-on can be a game changer. Any additional filtration you add to your HVAC system will need to be checked and cleaned regularly.

By setting up a maintenance contract for your entire HVAC system with Indoor Solutions Inc., you will not only get your air conditioner checked out and running smoothly before hot weather hits, but in the event of a mechanical problem, you will move to the top of our service list.

7. Increase Dehumidification

Conditioned air is not only cooler. As the air is conditioned by your system, water is removed. If anyone in your home is struggling with allergies, COPD, or asthma, adding another step to remove moisture from the air could greatly increase their comfort.

By adding an additional dehumidifier and having it and the AC unit serviced via the maintenance contract on a regular basis. Keeping the air in your home fresh and clean is critical to maintaining good health.

The experts at Indoor Solutions Inc. are happy to help you monitor and clean the air in your home. Contact us for an assessment and system check.

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