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When to Upgrade to a Smart Thermostat in Your Columbus, GA, Home

October 23, 2020

Your thermostat is the heart of your home’s HVAC system as it helps it work more efficiently and effectively. However, the thermostat in your Columbus, GA, home can sometimes cause HVAC issues, especially if it’s outdated. To minimize these problems, consider upgrading to a easy-to-program and multi-faceted smart thermostat.

Thermostat Complications

Upgrading your system can help solve common thermostat issues in your home. Old-school thermostats often experience a wide array of complications, ranging from bad electrical connectivity and poor thermostat placement to grime and dirt buildup. They also have fewer features than newer thermostats, like being programmable.

These issues can reduce your equipment’s performance as well as its life span. However, the good news is that upgraded thermostats provide real solutions to these issues.

They are more accurate and energy efficient and can operate indefinitely without maintenance. This means that you don’t need to worry about fluctuating temperatures or high energy consumptions.

High Monthly Utility Bills

If your current utility bills are higher than your actual energy consumption, you may need to upgrade your thermostat. With a typical thermostat, you need to keep your unit on all the time—even when you’re not at home. While maintaining appropriate temperature levels is crucial for your home’s comfort, this can waste a lot of energy and money.

Unlike these typical thermostats, the smart thermostat solves this problem by allowing you to set and adjust temperatures remotely. All you need is internet connectivity. Ideally, this will give you peace of mind throughout the day because you don’t need to worry about high energy bills arising from incorrect temperature settings.

Air Quality Can Improve with Smart Thermostat

Another problem with outdated thermostats is that they can contribute to low air quality in your home. While the upgraded thermostat will not directly improve your air quality, it can be a contributing factor. It comes with advanced features that let you know when it’s time to replace filters or schedule maintenance.

Most of these multifaceted thermostats also incorporate humidity sensors that maintain relative humidity at optimal levels. Integrating the smart thermostat with your whole-home humidifier can offer even greater benefits.


Some old-school thermostats may not be able to integrate with other smart devices. Typically, smart devices continue to advance in terms of compatibility, meaning your new thermostat can integrate with and communicate with a variety of different home equipment. For instance, if your air purifiers and humidifiers are in a compatible platform, the thermostats can easily control them.

Tracking Energy Consumption With a Smart Thermostat

Chances are high that your old thermostat won’t allow you to track your energy use. If you want to track your energy consumption, a smart thermostat offers this solution.

It helps monitor your energy changes over time and provides reports for the same plus the possible costs. It can also provide essential suggestions on how to change temperatures in order to save money.


Inefficiency is another major drawback of the old and outdated thermostats. Before you invest in a modern thermostat, it would be best to understand the difference. The oldest which are the mercury thermostats, mostly use a needle to regulate temperature.

This means that they may not provide accurate temperatures and only offer standard cooling and heating settings. On the other hand, a digital thermostat is relatively efficient as it lets you adjust temperatures based on the time of the day.

However, programmable thermostats still lack the flexibility and intelligence provided by a smart thermostat. They include high-end features that allow for automatic adjustments according to your home needs. They can even update their algorithm to offer optimal comfort efficiently.

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