It’s easy to forget in this modern age how much we rely upon electricity. Your home uses electricity to run your refrigerator, the HVAC unit, the water system, the TV, and all your small electronic devices. The romantic idea of sitting at the table playing board games by candlelight while the power is out for a storm is easily dashed when an evening becomes two weeks. As storms become more common in the US, it’s time to consider a backup generator for your Eufaula, Georgia, home.

Large Appliances

Power outages never come at convenient times, but always when you’ve just shopped and filled the refrigerator entirely with fresh groceries. Most refrigerators will stay cold for quite a while, but if the power outage lasts more than a day or two, you’re going to be throwing all of that fresh food into the trash. If you do find yourself without power, try not to open the fridge or freezer to keep them colder longer.

Home Comfort

Without power, your HVAC unit also won’t work and this can cause more problems than just losing food and money. When your HVAC goes out, your home is going to slowly revert to the outdoor temperature. Whether it’s a winter snow and ice deluge or a large summer thunderstorm that knocks out the power, it can quickly get uncomfortable, or downright dangerous, inside. A generator can come to your rescue and get your HVAC up and running to keep you comfortable inside your home.

Luxury Items

Your generator will even be able to help you charge or run some luxury items. Most generators do have a limited output, but you’ll be able to charge your phone or small emergency TV so that your family can stay apprised of the situation and find out when power might be restored.

If you’re interested in installing a back-up generator in your home or just learning more, give Indoor Solutions, Inc. a call anytime at 706-225-8241.

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