It’s important for employees and customers to feel comfortable at your business, which means not only great customer service, but also proper heating and cooling that’s tailored to the season. We want to help you reduce costs and keep your West Point, Georgia, business comfortable by scheduling maintenance and replacing or repairing your HVAC.

Schedule Regular Maintenance Appointments

The easiest way to keep your commercial HVAC working in perfect condition is to schedule regular maintenance appointments with a NATE-certified technician. These scheduled appointments let a knowledgeable repairman come in regularly to assess your system and to catch problems early. This ensures that your heat won’t go out on the coldest day of the year. Regular maintenance is also less costly than emergency repairs.

Repair and Replace

By regularly identifying and correctly small repairs to your HVAC system, you may very well avoid large repairs, which can quickly get expensive. In addition, your NATE certified technician will assess your commercial HVAC to make sure it’s still working efficiently and advise when it’s time to replace and not just repair. New HVAC units can offer savings as they’re more energy-efficient. As a business owner, if you want to make sure your HVAC is well-protected, consider an awning to keep away the damaging sunlight and debris, which can cause damage that will then need to be repaired.

Seal Ductwork

It’s important to not only maintain your HVAC unit but also all of the ductwork that delivers conditioned air throughout the building. Over time, ductwork loses its seal and air begins to leak out where it’s not supposed to. This can increase heating and cooling costs as well as cause your HVAC unit to work overtime maintaining the proper temperature, which can cause damage over extended periods of time. Have a trained technician periodically check your ductwork and reseal any leaks that have formed.

If you’re ready to schedule your appointment to find out how you can save money on commercial HVAC costs, give Indoor Solutions Inc.a call at 706-225-8241.

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