Do you find that the air inside your Opelika, Alabama, home, feels stuffy? Are you and your family getting sick more than usual? Is your home a bit dustier than normal? If you answered yes to any of those questions, you need to improve your indoor air quality. Let’s take a look at three causes of poor air quality and how we at Indoor Solutions can help remedy the problem.

Pollutants and Harmful Pathogens

Dirt, dust, pet dander, dust mites, and outside pollutants can collect in the ducting of your HVAC system and then get circulated inside. These contaminants can trigger asthma and allergy attacks and make you feel sick. Adding an air purifier, such as our Evolution Perfect Air Purifier, to your system will kill or make inactive 99 percent of these harmful pathogens and irritants. Your family will feel much healthier with an air purifier.

Inadequate Ventilation

Most houses today are sealed tightly, which helps keep warm or cool air inside but can make your home feel stuffy. If there is not enough airflow, carbon dioxide (CO2) levels can rise, stressing your respiratory system. A solution to poor ventilation in your home is an energy recovery ventilator. Through sophisticated technology, the ventilator brings in fresh air and removes stale air without letting out the warm or cool air. Your home will feel much fresher with a ventilation system.

Improper Humidity Levels

Summers can get pretty humid in Alabama. Not only do high humidity levels make you uncomfortable, but high humidity can also lower the quality of your indoor air. High humidity can encourage harmful pathogens and contaminants to thrive, which can contribute to allergy attacks and respiratory illness. Adding one of our Bryant Preferred Series Whole-Home Dehumidifiers to your home will help draw out extra moisture, making your home more comfortable and improving your indoor air quality.

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