You’ve built your Pine Mountain, Georgia, business on blood, sweat, and tears, and although you’re busy, you shouldn’t ignore the indoor air quality of your business. When left to its own devices, indoor air quality can suffer, leading to a condition known as sick building syndrome. This can cause your customers and employees to suffer from respiratory disorders, but the best part is that it’s preventable. To keep your staff healthy and your clients breathing easy, follow these tips to eliminate sick building syndrome.

Improve Ventilation

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), 52 percent of all sick building syndrome cases are the result of poor ventilation. When this occurs, fresh air doesn’t properly circulate through the building, inviting dust and debris into your business. Fortunately, you can install ventilation products directly onto your existing furnace, air conditioner, or return duct. This expels dirty air and brings in clean, breathable air that your office will definitely enjoy.

Open the Windows

If you’re in an office that has windows that open, make sure to take advantage of this natural form of ventilation. While you wouldn’t open all the windows when it’s blistering hot or bitterly cold, you can still find times to open them. For example, if you’re closed on weekends or evenings, pop open a few windows to let some air inside the office. It doesn’t cost a dime or impact your bottom line, provided you don’t have the thermostat at a certain temperature. You’ll notice the results immediately.

Perform Regular HVAC Maintenance

Even the highest-quality HVAC systems require maintenance at least once a year to keep efficiency and indoor air quality at its best. When you schedule a tuneup or maintenance with us, we’ll make sure your system is clean, your filter is free of dirt, and your system isn’t emitting any noxious gases that can lead to health problems.

Sick building syndrome is a real concern for many business owners, but with proper care, it shouldn’t become a serious problem. When you need a tuneup or ventilation installation, make sure to give Indoor Solutions a call at 706-225-8241.

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