Want to keep your Opelika, Alabama, home cool and comfortable? A smart thermostat can be a quick solution, but only if you’re using it correctly. From programming a cooling or heating schedule to managing your HVAC system, learn ways to optimize your smart thermostat for optimum performance.

Program Your Home’s Temperatures with a Smart Thermostat

Whether you want to reduce your carbon footprint or save money on your home utility bills, our team recommends using your smart thermostat to program your home’s cooling and heating schedule. When your family members leave the house for the day, you can dial back the temperature setting on your thermostat by 8 to 10 degrees. This adjustment can save you approximately 10% a year on your home’s energy costs.

Use a Smart Thermostat’s Wi-Fi Capabilities to Manage Your HVAC System

A smart thermostat puts the power of comfort control in your hands. Instead of having to manually adjust settings on a wall-mounted unit, a smart thermostat uses Wi-Fi remote access capability to manage temperatures, control indoor air quality, and view important system alerts. With this device, you can manage your HVAC system’s operations from any room of your home, from work, or while you’re on vacation.

Receive Important HVAC System Reminders

If you’ve had to deal with an expensive air conditioner breakdown, then you know what can happen if you wait too long to pay attention to your HVAC system. When you install a Bryant Wi-Fi thermostat, you can rely on this device to remind you about air filter changes, HVAC system maintenance, temperature settings, and high humidity levels in your home. This comfort management device also enables you to enjoy the benefit of lifestyle-based programming settings with specific awake, away, home, sleep, and vacation settings.

Whether you need some assistance choosing the correct smart thermostat for your home or installing a new thermostat, we’re here to help with your home HVAC service needs. Call our Indoor Solutions Inc. team today at 706-225-8241.

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