Energy waste is a problem in most homes, but it’s an even more pressing matter in Georgia where heat and humidity in the summer and ice storms in the winter can cause extensive energy loss. That’s why it’s so important to understand your home’s biggest energy wasters and how to tackle them before the upcoming winter.

1. Drafts

Dryer vents, doors, windows, and even outlets are common draft sources, but air leakage can occur where you least expect it. To find drafts, place a candle or lighted incense stick near suspected drafty areas and see if the flame or smoke flickers. Sealing these areas is important if you want to conserve energy in winter.

2. Dirty Filters

You change your air conditioner filter regularly, but what about your furnace filter? It’s easy to forget to clean or replace the furnace filter in the winter, but a dirty filter increases energy demand and restricts airflow, resulting in higher heating bills.

3. A Forgotten Thermostat

As much as 70 percent of a home’s energy budget is spent on heating and cooling, and that includes wasted energy. Simply turning down the thermostat when you leave home will reduce energy waste. You can even install a programmable thermostat so your house is always heated on your schedule.

4. Improper Insulation

Insulation doesn’t last forever — it degrades over time, resulting in lost energy. Boost your home’s energy savings by investing in new insulation, especially in the basement ceiling and attic floor. You may even qualify for a tax credit for doing so.

5. Inefficient Furnace

This heating source is your home’s lifeline in winter, so make sure it’s an energy-efficient model. Older furnaces tend to operate at an efficiency level below 80 percent, so the cost of installing a brand new model will pay for itself over time in energy savings.

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