At Indoor Solutions Inc., we are committed to providing our customers with affordable and cost-effective solutions for furnace repair and installation in Columbus GA. In Columbus GA, we offer many specials on furnace rebates along with discounts for furnace repair installation. Make sure to check out our site for the current e-coupons. For furnace repair installation, we offer flexible financing along with low-interest payments, so you won't have to break the bank. With our flexible financing, there's no need for customers in Columbus GA to tie up their existing funds. Our terms are flexible, and you can apply online. If you prefer to not open a line of credit with us, you can also purchase a new system with any major credit card, including American Express, Discover, MasterCard and Visa.

Furnace repair and installation in Columbus GA come with varying price tags depending on the type of repair needed and the type of new system. Common furnace problems include an unlit pilot light, blown fuse in the circuit breaker, unset thermostat and blocked registers. These are simple problems that you can fix yourself and save yourself the cost of a service visit. However, if the furnace cycles frequently, the blower is constantly running or there are major fluctuations in temperature, it's best to call the pros. Our factory trained technicians at Indoor Solutions Inc. will come prepared with diagnostic equipment to specifically run tests to determine the origin of the problem.

For the most part, it is typically more cost-effective to repair a furnace than to replace it with a new one. Keep in mind that there are some repairs that are not cost-effective, such as a control module failure or a faulty heat exchanger. These types of repairs can be hefty, and you may be better off replacing the furnace with a newer more energy efficient one. In this case, furnace repair installation is the better choice. Many of the older furnaces from the 1980's have AFUE of 78 percent while today's modern furnaces offer up to AFUE of 97 percent. Today's modern furnaces will save you up to 40 percent in energy costs. Typically, customers recapture initial costs within three years. We offer top brands in both oil and gas furnaces that come with excellent warranties and are Energy Star certified. If the unit is Energy Star certified, you will be eligible for a generous tax credit. In addition, we offer hybrid systems that utilize both heat pumps and furnaces.

To avoid the high costs of furnace repair installation, we always recommend our customers to protect their investment with a preventative maintenance plan. We offer a variety of affordable plans that will help reduce the chance of a costly repair and increase the longevity of your existing system.

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