If you own or you’re thinking of buying Bryant equipment, there are a number of reasons you’ll want to stick with a Bryant Factory Authorized Dealer for maintenance and repair work as well as buying guidance.

Fast, Reliable Service

Every brand of heating and cooling equipment has unique technical features, and no contractor can learn them all. Bryant Factory Authorized Dealers specialize in knowing Bryant air conditioners, furnacesĀ and other equipment inside and out. In fact, the only contractors eligible to become Factory Authorized Dealers are those who have proven their long-term loyalty. That often means they have years of experience caring for Bryant equipment.

The hot summers we get in the Russell and Lee county area take a lot out of our air conditioners, and even the highest quality equipment can run into trouble occasionally. Although our winters are mild, our furnaces aren’t immune to trouble, either.

If you ever have an issue with your Bryant heating or cooling equipment, a Bryant Factory Authorized Dealer can find and correct the problem faster than any other technician. The efficiency these dealers offer saves you money and minimizes your discomfort.

Your Satisfaction Matters

While all heating and cooling contractors receive technical training, not all are trained in how to care for their customers. That’s not a problem you’ll have when you work with a Bryant Factory Authorized Dealer. These contractors must maintain high standards of customer satisfaction based on customer satisfaction surveys completed after dealers have visited their homes.

Bryant Authorized Factory Dealers are also North American Technician Excellence (NATE) certified. NATE-certified contractors are trained and rigorously tested in installing or caring for air conditioners, furnaces and other types of equipment. NATE also provides a Code of Ethics to which contractors are expected to adhere.

Whether you’ve been enjoying Bryant equipment for years or you’re planning to make your first purchase, at Indoor Solutions, Inc., our Factory Authorized Dealers can provide the reliable services you need. We serve the Opelika, Auburn, Fort RenningĀ and West Point areas.

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