Is the air conditioner in your Auburn, Alabama, home not delivering the comfort you expect from it? A faulty compressor may be to blame. When the compressor fails, it can cause your air conditioner to break down. Read about some of the following air conditioner compressor problems, such as electrical issues and inadequate lubricant, that you shouldn’t ignore.

What Does an Air Conditioner Compressor Do?

Like the heart inside your body, an air conditioner compressor has an important job to do. It compresses refrigerant gas and pumps the compressed gas through the air conditioner so that the system can remove heat and humidity from the air being directed through it.

Electrical Problems

Damaged wiring or faulty fuses within the air conditioner’s components can pose significant problems with the system. When these electrical failures occur, they can result in breakdowns of your air conditioner’s compressor. These breakdowns can lead to further damage to other parts of the system. If your air conditioner fails to start properly or turn on, an electrical issue may be the cause.

During a preventive HVAC maintenance inspection, our HVAC service technicians will look for and repair any damaged wiring or fuses they discover in your system.

Inadequate Lubricant

Like your vehicle’s engine, your air conditioner needs a lubricant to keep its important parts operating smoothly. If your system contains an inadequate level of lubricant, it can put a strain on these parts, including the compressor. You may notice signs of low levels of lubricant in the system, such as grinding or squealing noises when your air conditioner starts up or turns off.

During each preventive HVAC maintenance visit, our technicians will check lubricant levels, add some if necessary, and verify that the pump within the system is working correctly.

Indoor Solutions recommends scheduling regular preventive HVAC maintenance to ensure that the compressor and other parts of your air conditioner are working correctly as they should. To schedule an appointment today, call us at 706-225-8241.

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