Winter can be hard on your utility bill, even during the relatively mild winters in Columbus, Georgia. Saving energy during these chilly months can be tricky, but we have a few tips to help lower your energy consumption. Here are our top three energy-saving ideas for the winter months.

Switch Fan Directions

While ceiling fans are usually associated with warm weather, they can provide extra comfort during the winter, as well. Set your fan direction to spin clockwise when the temperatures start to dip. Warm air rises naturally, and the fan’s clockwise motion will pull warm air from the ceiling and distribute it back down. This can help reduce the amount of work your heater must do to keep your home warm while also helping keep your family comfortable.

Cozy Up

At night, set your programmable thermostat a couple of degrees cooler than during the day. While your home might be colder, it’s easy to put a few extra blankets on the bed instead of expending extra energy keeping your whole house warm. Even 5 degrees cooler on your thermostat can save a bundle on your utility bills. You might also consider using an energy-efficient mattress warmer or electric blanket.

Replace Filters

Your climate control system’s filter can get clogged year-round, but with all the extra time families tend to spend indoors during the winter, it can build up faster than usual. Check your filter regularly, and change it if it looks like it has accumulated a lot of dust. Clogged dust can make it difficult for your system to pull in air to push through the heater and ductwork, leading to higher utility bills. If you’re changing the filter regularly and still notice a lot of dust on your vents, it might be time to call an HVAC technician.

Our experts at Indoor Solutions can help get your climate control system in top shape for those chilly winter days. Give us a call at 706-225-8241 to schedule an appointment.

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