A leaky home that constantly lets air in or out can contribute to poor indoor air quality and health problems for your family. Learn how a home performance evaluation for your Columbus, Georgia, home can help your HVAC system run more efficiently.

Smoke Testing

When a technician from Indoor Solutions completes a home performance evaluation, the first step is to position blower door fans in exterior entryways and direct the airflow out of the home. Next, the technician uses smoke pencils that create plumes of a smokelike substance. By tracking the smoke plumes’ activity, an experienced technician can identify cracks and openings where air leaks into or out of your home.

Thermographic Imaging

For an even more comprehensive look at air leaks and other problem areas in your home, thermographic imaging services are the answer. This method uses heat-sensitive technology to reveal warm and cold areas around your home and can identify larger areas where your home lacks insulation or where structural issues cause air to flow in and out freely.

Experienced Solutions

Once Indoor Solutions technicians complete a home performance evaluation, they explain the results and offer solutions for any issues. In the Columbus area, some of the most common home performance issues include poor attic insulation, which can cause energy loss, and large air leaks, which can allow outdoor air pollution to compromise your home’s air quality.

To improve attic insulation, most homeowners either replace old insulation or add to existing attic insulation to bring the overall insulation potential to an appropriate level. To seal leaky areas, homeowners typically caulk around windows and doors and use foam insulation to close larger openings around the foundation or in the attic. Together, these practices can significantly improve any home’s performance and allow the HVAC system to run much more efficiently.

Could your home benefit from a home performance evaluation? Schedule an appointment with your Columbus area indoor air quality technicians at Indoor Solutions to learn more: 706-225-8241.

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