As chilly temperatures mark the start of winter, there’s no reason to use excessive amounts of energy to stay comfortable in the Columbus, Georgia, area. Curb your energy consumption this winter by following these four steps.

Understand Your Energy Usage

Before making any major changes, get to know your home’s energy usage by analyzing your utility bill or referring to your smart thermostat report. With this information in hand, you’ll know whether you’ll benefit more from energy savings during the day or overnight.

Reprogram Your Thermostat

Programmable thermostats tend to be economical to install and easy to use, and they can contribute to significant energy savings throughout the year. In the winter, set the thermostat to 68 during the times your family is home and awake. When the family is away at work or at school or asleep overnight, turn the thermostat back 10 to 12 degrees. Don’t forget to set the device to return your home to a more comfortable temperature shortly before you awake or return home.

Add Moisture

Higher indoor temperatures will certainly make you feel warmer, but so will increased humidity levels. With a portable or whole-home humidifier, you can add moisture to the air while simultaneously turning down the thermostat a few degrees. Since most homes suffer from dry, cool air in the winter, increasing the humidity levels will improve your home’s indoor air quality as well.

Welcome the Sun

The days are shorter during the winter months, which is even more reason to take advantage of any sunshine you can absorb. During the daytime, open curtains and blinds located on the south- and west-facing sides of your home. By letting in the light and permitting the sun to heat your home for a few hours each day, you can save up to 12 percent on your heating costs.

Want to save energy this winter but need professional assistance to make it happen? Don’t hesitate to call the heating experts at Indoor Solutions: 709-225-8241.

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