Manual thermostats have long been the standard for controlling your home heating and cooling systems. These devices, while reliable, are little more than on/off switches, and do not promote energy efficiency or allow much control over the operation of your HVAC system. They also only work as well as your ability to remember to adjust them. Modern high-efficiency furnaces, air conditioners and heat pumps will function much better using a programmable thermostat.

Benefits of a Programmable Thermostat

  • Savings on monthly heating and cooling bills: Programmable thermostats offer features such as pre-programmed set points that let you reduce system operation during times of day when full heating or cooling isn’t needed, such as when the house is empty when the family is at work and school. You can adjust these set points to make the HVAC system run even less or not at all, depending on your requirements.
  • Automatic comfort adjustments: A programmable thermostat can make automatic adjustments to the temperature level in your home, when programmed correctly. You can set the unit to warm up the house in the morning while everyone is getting ready for their day, then turn down heating when they leave. The system can automatically increase heating later to ensure the house is warm and comfortable when you and your family return home.
  • Increased HVAC system efficiency: Since the programmable thermostat controls the timing and level of HVAC operation, your home comfort system runs at a more efficient level. The thermostat allows you take full advantage of modern efficiency components such as variable-speed blowers or zoned heating and cooling.
  • Ease of installation: Most programmable thermostats are easy to install by carefully following the directions included with the unit. If you are uncomfortable with changing thermostats or installing the new unit, contact your local trusted HVAC professional for help removing the old thermostat and putting in the new one.

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