As a homeowner in Pine Mountain GA, you enjoy the comfort and relief from the heat and humidity that air conditioners provide during the warm months of the year. You might have even wondered how people got along before air conditioning was invented and wonder how air conditioners work at keeping homes and buildings cool. Our heating and cooling service team at Indoor Solutions explains how air conditioners work, how to maintain your air conditioner and how to schedule service for your heating and cooling system.

Basic Air Conditioner Functions

An air conditioner works just like a refrigerator, except it cools a much larger volume of air. The majority of central air conditioning systems utilize a chemical refrigerant that changes states from liquid to gas easily. The changing of states involves the absorption and release of heat and energy.

Cooling Process

Outside the home in the compressor unit, the chemical refrigerant is a cool gas at low pressure. It is squeezed into a higher pressure hot gas and then travels into the condenser unit. The condenser has metal fins on all sides, which allow it to radiate heat. The chemical refrigerant then leaves the condenser and travels inside to the evaporator unit. The refrigerant has dissipated its heat away and is now a liquid under higher pressure. As it travels inside, the liquid loses pressure and becomes a gas. This evaporation allows it to absorb heat from inside the home and begin the cycle anew. Water is also condensed during the cooling process. This water must be drained away, which takes place through the condensate drain pan and pipe where it is flushed through the waste water system of the home.

Air Circulation

Air conditioners are also equipped with an air blower. The air blower creates air circulation to ventilate the home. The air blower has a fan which is connected to the evaporator unit. Because hot air rises to the ceiling level, it flows into the return vents where it cools off the gas in the evaporator. Cool air is released into the room via the air vents located at the floor level of the room.

System Control

The air conditioning system is controlled by the thermostat. The system will continue to cycle until it reaches the set point. Some thermostats are programmable which allows for automated and scheduled control of the temperature.

At Indoor Solutions, we help our customers and members of the Pine Mountain GA community learn about how air conditioners work. By offering our expert advice and information, we can help ensure the comfort of home and business owners. We take pride in assisting our customers achieve and maintain an ideal indoor environment no matter what the outdoor weather conditions. Our team of experienced heating and cooling service technicians is always available to take care of your every maintenance, repair and installation need. We look forward to helping you learn more about how your air conditioning system works and keeping your system in optimal working condition.

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