When getting a quote for a new heating system, Indoor Solutions has some advice for our friends in Pine Mountain. The quote should include a detailed list of everything that is included. Equipment, manufacturer warranties, required permits, labor costs, clean-up procedures and a guarantee of installation should all be included in the quote. In addition, you'll want to make sure the technician is either factory trained or NATE certified. Factory trained technicians undergo extensive hands-on training for all HVAC systems, and NATE certified technicians are some of the best in the HVAC industry.

Many consumers in Pine Mountain GA aren't sure of what the best heating system for their home is. Our best answer is that is depends on the available fuel source. Much of the metro area and surrounding suburbs have existing natural gas systems. The two stage variable speed furnaces with high Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) are ideal for homes in Pine Mountain GA. Over the years, the prices on these systems have come down, and many of the top brands offer a limited lifetime unit replacement warranty. If it ever fails, you get a new unit direct from the manufacturer.

Many of the newer gas systems offer 80 percent AFUE and higher. The two-stage furnaces adjust energy consumption in response to the changes of indoor temperatures. As a result, less energy is used to heat the home, and the home is provided with more uniform space temperature. With today's high gas prices, the cost savings are significant.

Another ideal choice for a heating system in Pine Mountain is the hybrid system. This hybrid system utilizes a heat pump for cooling. During the colder days, the gas furnace provides the heat. When installing a dual-fuel system, it's best to select an efficient heat pump and choose a modest heating system since the typical Georgian winters don't have many freezing temperatures.

For those with electrical properties a heat pump heating system in Pine Mountain is an excellent choice. These systems are very efficient. Keep in mind that the efficiency can go down in colder temperature, and it is important that the system is properly sized for optimum efficiency and an outdoor thermostat should be installed. The outdoor thermostat will prevent the system from running continually and create adequate heat.

Indoor Solutions offers a wide variety of top brands for heat systems in Pine Mountain GA. Our technicians are experienced and will take the time to review all of your options and help select the best heating system for your home. In addition, professional load calculations will be done to ensure the system is properly sized for efficiency and comfort. The best industry standards for load calculation are done, including measuring the dimensions of each room and factoring in insulation and the directions of windows.

Our quotes will be complete, so there are no surprises. We will also review all of the financing options that are available for your new heating system. Keep in mind that we always recommend signing up with a service plan to keep your new system in top-notch condition.

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