With high humidity levels and warm temperatures throughout much of the year in Auburn, Georgia, it’s important that your home’s HVAC system can keep up with the climate. Without a working air conditioner, you could find that the humidity level in your home is too high and causing issues, or that you can’t stay comfortable in the warmest times of the year. Poor efficiency can be a culprit in an HVAC system that doesn’t work properly. With preventive maintenance, you can reduce the risk of energy waste and keep your system running efficiently.

Less Strain on the System

Regular maintenance on your HVAC system involves a full inspection of the components and testing of the airflow. During the inspection, an HVAC technician will also look for signs of wear and damage, which can cause poor efficiency in the system. If the technician can repair or replace a component before it’s worn out, then you reduce the risk of having your heating and cooling system stop working on a day when you need it most.

A preventive maintenance service will also typically include light cleaning of the system components, getting rid of dirt and dust that settled within the unit. Buildup on these HVAC parts can impact efficiency, especially if they are moving parts, and increase the wear on the system.

Reduce Energy Waste

Routine maintenance can also help reduce energy waste, which will in turn save money each month on heating and cooling bills. When the ducts get clogged with dirt, dander, pet hair, pollen, and other debris, the furnace or AC has to work harder to move air through the house. Regular duct cleaning can eliminate this problem, offering a clear space for heated and cooled air to move through freely. This service will also improve the air quality in your home, which could reduce allergic symptoms and other breathing problems.

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