Spring is the perfect time for an energy audit in your Opelika, Georgia, home. When your home has air leaks, this causes your HVAC system to waste energy, which boosts your utility bills. Our audit identifies energy-wasting issues that your home may have. Then, we make a plan to rectify the problem so you save energy through the worst days of summer.

Discover Energy Loss

When we perform an energy audit, the goal is to find the spots in your home where you lose the most energy. These spots are commonly found around windows and doors, but those aren’t the only culprits. Outlets, plumbing, and even tiny cracks in your drywall let conditioned air out of your house. These small leaks add up over the course of the summer, causing your AC to work harder to produce cool air you never get to enjoy.

Seal Leaks

After performing the energy audit, we recommend sealing the leaks we found in your home. Depending on where we found the leaks, this could include using caulk or expanding foam to seal cracks and openings in the walls and around outlets and plumbing fixtures. It also means putting weather-stripping around your windows and doors, or covering old windows with plastic sheeting.

Add Insulation

For homes with uninsulated attics or crawl spaces, we recommend adding insulation. The hot air that collects in your attic can warm up your ducts, affecting how well your AC is able to cool your home. The EPA estimates you can save 20 percent on your energy bills by sealing leaks and improving insulation.

Call Indoor Solutions to schedule your spring energy audit. Discover and treat these problems while the weather is mild, so you don’t lose cool air during the hottest summer days. While we’re there, have us service your HVAC system to ensure it keeps you cool throughout the hottest summer days. Reach us at 706-225-8241.

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