The hot and humid weather in Columbus, Pine Mountain GA and surrounding areas can take its toll on air conditioners. It’s important to get an AC Tune-up to prevent costly breakdowns during the sweltering summer months when you need A/C the most. Learn how regular service for your air conditioner actually saves you more money in the long run.

Why Schedule Regular A/C Tune-ups?

Emergency service calls are usually expensive. First, you pay more because technicians must prioritize your appointment to get your AC running again as soon as possible. The Georgia heat can be tough to handle otherwise. On top of that, parts typically come at a premium with no discounts available. Furthermore, your air conditioner wears out faster without scheduled maintenance, and you have to replace it sooner than the unit’s life expectancy. These are the three largest expenses for emergency service. By scheduling regular preventative maintenance:

  • You get lower rates on service calls.
  • Parts come at a discount.
  • Larger parts, such as compressors, last longer because wear and tear is caught early.
  • You maximize the life of your AC unit.

Lower Your Electric Bill

Additionally, an AC running in peak condition operates at the highest efficiency. That means you get the most cooling for every bit of electricity supplied to the unit. If you haven’t tuned up your AC in a while, you’ll probably notice a sharp drop in your energy bill the month following your next service call. That’s because your energy cost slowly creeps up over time due to:

  • Refrigerant Leaks
  • Compressor Wear
  • Airflow Restrictions
  • Mold, Rust and Dirt Buildup
  • Bent Coils or Fins
  • Frayed Electrical Wiring
  • And More

When you finally address these problems, you’ll realize how much extra you’ve been paying to the utility company. Instead, it just makes sense to pay the money to service your own air conditioner, and enjoy the savings on your electric bill. That’s why preventative maintenance pays for itself.

How Regularly Scheduled Maintenance Saves You More Money

It’s recommended that you service your A/C unit twice a year for best performance. With regularly scheduled service contracts, you actually lower your AC maintenance costs. Technicians perform routine work at a much lower rate compared to sudden emergencies. Likewise, service contracts typically come with lower costs on parts as well. That’s why you end up saving money by scheduling your AC service before an emergency occurs.

Indoor Solutions Serves Columbus, Pine Mountain GA and Surrounding Areas

Indoor Solutions, Inc. (INI) has been serving the Columbus, Pine Mountain, Phenix City and surrounding regions since 2003. We’re licensed, bonded and insured for your protection and safety. Plus, we offer 24-hour emergency service calls during the week. Call us today to schedule your next AC Tune-up.

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