Summer guests can show up without warning for an impromptu stay during this popular vacation season. If you suspect that your friends and family are itching for a Columbus, Georgia, vacation, you’ll want to be ready for them. Regular care and attention will keep your home fresh and welcoming no matter how little notice you have before your visitors arrive.

Dust Often

A thin layer of dust is a telltale sign that your guest room isn’t ready for visitors. Go in and dust off flat surfaces often so you never face this problem. Vacuum the floors as well to keep carpets clean. If your friends or family members suffer from allergies and asthma, using a vacuum with a HEPA filter will help you capture the maximum amount of irritants and pollutants.

Keep Filters Fresh

There’s nothing worse than entering a home that has an unpleasant odor. While guests are likely to notice the aroma in your house right away, it’s not uncommon for residents to go nose-blind to the smells in their own home. Make sure your house always has fresh, clean, and healthy air by changing the filter in your HVAC system regularly. A monthly swap will get rid of dust buildup and prevent musty mold or mildew from taking hold.

Allow for Even Airflow

You should always keep the air vents open throughout your house. Closing vents in unused areas, like your guest rooms, actually diminishes the efficiency of your entire system by creating a vacuum in the closed-off space. Keep every room in the house well ventilated by opening all the vents so that you’re never restricting proper airflow.

Is your air conditioning operating at peak efficiency for your visitors? If you haven’t scheduled a tune-up in the last year, it’s probably not working as well as it should. Make a prompt appointment for your annual air conditioning service by calling Indoor Solutions at (706) 225-8241. We’ll help you keep your home ready for anyone who might pop in.

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