Airborne dust is the cause of a number of air quality complaints, especially in households with dust allergies. If you can cut down on the amount of dust in your home, you can improve indoor air quality, keep your furnace healthy, and enjoy the benefits of a clean and healthy home.

Tips to Improve Indoor Air Quality

  • Keep the HVAC system’s air filter clean. All the air circulating through your home via your central air system passes through this filter. That means that airborne dust can be caught by the furnace filter; it also means that as the filter clogs, air circulation will reduce.
  • Keep your home organized. Nooks, crannies and clutter all accumulate and hide dust, which can then be stirred up when things are moved.
  • Clean your home regularly. Dust builds up naturally as you go about your life. Cleaning your house once a week can help keep it from building up too much. Use a damp rag or an electrostatic duster to make sure that you’re picking up dust, not just displacing it.
  • Us a vacuum with a HEPA filter. Many vacuums don’t actually capture all the dust they stir up. Using one with a HEPA filter makes sure you’re getting as many small particulates as possible.
  • Look into installing a whole-house air cleaner. Whether you go for an air filter or electrostatic plates, a whole-house air cleaner offers much more protection against airborne dust than your standard air filter can. If you’ve got household members with strong allergies or other health concerns, a HEPA filter might be a wise investment.

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