As the summer heats up, the wear and tear on your air conditioner increases. We highly recommend a maintenance appointment to head off summer repairs. Here are some of the most common AC repairs we encounter in the summer months in Ft. Benning, GA.

AC Repairs When Refrigerant Is Needed

Refrigerant is the chemical that transfers heat out of your home during the cooling season. Your air conditioner needs to be charged with a certain amount of refrigerant in order to function properly; if it drops below that level, you most likely have a leak. You need a professional HVAC technician to repair the leak and recharge your system to the proper refrigerant level.

Blocked Condensation Line

The condensate drain is an important part of your air conditioner; it removes the water that builds up around the evaporator coils as they absorb heat from inside your home. If the condensate drain gets blocked, water will start to build up inside the drain pan, which can increase humidity and cause mold or algae to grow. If your air conditioner is leaking or you notice any odd smells, it’s time to check that your condensation line is clear or contact us to get that condensate drain fixed.

AC Repairs for Capacitor and Electrical Issues

If you notice that your air conditioner is still running but isn’t blowing cold air, a failed capacitor is the likely culprit. The capacitor is a critical component of your air conditioner that supplies power to the motor. Electrical problems can be dangerous to repair without proper training and equipment, so if you notice signs of an issue with a capacitor or other electrical component, you need to give a professional a call. The same is true if you notice rust or corrosion around the wires.

These are just a few of the most common issues we see with air conditioners during the summer. Your job as the homeowner is to be vigilant and get professional help whenever there are signs that an AC repair is needed. For more information, check out our air conditioning services online or call 706-225-8241.

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