How do you keep the heat under control in your Columbus area home? That’s easy: with your air conditioning system. But then how do you keep your energy bills under control while you’re running the A/C all the time? That’s actually an easy one, too. Just run your ceiling fans along with the A/C on hot days, and on milder ones, just use the fans until the day heats up.

Ceiling fans use considerably less energy than air conditioners or heat pumps, but still help keep you comfortable. They’re the best type of fan for circulating air throughout a room, and create a draft that helps you stay cool. In fact, if you run the ceiling fan and A/C together, you can turn the thermostat up three or four degrees without reducing your comfort levels. This is because of the wind-chill factor. The flow of air against your skin feels cooler than it actually is, reducing your need for air conditioning and saving energy.

Remember, however, that while the air feels cooler, ceiling fans don’t actually cool the air, but rather create a cooling effect. Because of that, there’s no reason to continue running a fan when you’re not in the room, and turning it off as you leave allows you to save even more energy.

A ceiling fan should only be used in a room whose ceiling is at least eight feet high. For the best circulation, the fan blades should be between seven and nine feet above the ground and a foot or so below the ceiling. The kind of fan you get depends on the size of the room, as larger fans circulate more air. If the room is longer than 18 feet, you’d do well to use two or more fans for your cooling needs.

When purchasing a ceiling fan, choose one carrying the distinctive blue Energy Star seal. This indicates that it’s certified by the federal Energy Star program to save both money and energy over standard models. An Energy Star qualified ceiling fan can operate an average of 20 percent more efficiently than a non-Energy Star fan.

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