It’s the heat of summer and you’re having an A/C problem. Are you aware that you can eliminate most air conditioning problems before calling in the experts? Doors and windows
One of the biggest problems people run into when trying to cool their homes is forgetting to close all the doors and windows to the outside. When a group of people live in the same home, one person may open a window, not realizing that the air conditioner is hard at work.

You can avoid many problems with your air conditioner by making sure that filters and coils are clean. When these essential parts are allowed to become dirty, they can cause the compressor or fan to fail. Maintenance is always the first step in preventing an A/C problem.

An air conditioner that’s low on refrigerant is a common A/C problem. This can happen in a couple of ways—either refrigerant leaks or it was simply undercharged during installation. If it was undercharged, a technician can add refrigerant. If it leaks, a pro will repair the problem.

Located behind the control panel of room air conditioners is a thermostat sensor. It’s possible that the sensor’s been pushed out of place or positioned too close to the coil. If your room unit is acting erratically, check for these two problems. The fix may be as simple as putting the sensor back into position or adjusting the position of the coil by gently bending the wire that keeps it in place.

Electrical issues
A common A/C problem in oversized units is that the compressor and fan controls wear out due to being turned off and on so often. It’s also possible that wires and terminals have corroded. Any time you have a concern about the electrical system of your air conditioner, contact a professional for help.

For more information a specific A/C problem or any other HVAC related issue, contact the professionals at Indoor Solutions, Inc. We’re proud to service homeowners in and around the Columbus area.

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