At Indoor Solutions, Inc., we think there has never been a better time to be in the HVAC system business. The technology that is available today would have been beyond the scope of our imagination only a few short years ago. These new advances allow our air conditioning service company to provide ever better service to our customers. This is the main reason that we like to keep an eye on industry trends.

Passive Dehumidification and Hybrid Air Conditioners are Two of Today’s Biggest HVAC System Trends

Passive dehumidification is a new type of HVAC system that uses three different types of evaporator coils to dehumidify and cool your home in Columbus, Georgia. Compared to traditional HVAC systems, passive dehumidification units remove as much as 50 percent more humidity from the air of your home without using additional energy. This increases your level of comfort without causing your cooling costs to also increase.

Hybrid air conditioners take in both solar and grid power to cool your Columbus home. With this type of heat recovery system, air is not wasted. Instead, the unit recycles it and uses it to provide you and your family with hot water for showering, doing laundry and other everyday tasks. Early reports from home and business owners who use hybrid air conditioning services indicate a savings up to 60 percent over standard air conditioners.

The Demand for Residential Zoning is on the Rise
In the past, hotels, rental units and other multi-housing structures were the only types of businesses eligible for residential zoning. This term refers to the ability to provide heat or cool air to each individual room of a building. With so many different people staying at a hotel or living in an apartment building, owners needed a way to appease everyone’s comfort level. Eventually, this technology went mainstream and is now something that homeowners aspire to have. If you and your family members have very different ideas of what constitutes indoor comfort, residential zoning may be your answer. It is also ideal if one or more rooms in your Columbus home see little to no use. You no longer have to waste energy providing heating and cooling to those rooms.

High-Tech Diagnostic Equipment Allows Heating and Air Conditioning Service Technicians to Detect Problems Sooner
The rise in high-tech diagnostic tools for HVAC systems allows minor problems to be detected much sooner than they would have otherwise. In turn, this gives service technicians the opportunity to fix the problem before it turns into an expensive repair for the home or business owner. For example, ultrasonic leak detectors help to find potentially dangerous leaks in air ducts before the leaks cause serious problems. Leaky ductwork is one of the leading causes of HVAC system inefficiency in Columbus and the surrounding communities.

Indoor Solutions, Inc. Uses Technology for Your Benefit
Because we aim for 100 percent customer satisfaction, our heating and air conditioning service company uses all the tools available to us to your advantage. Even though we can finish our work faster, we never sacrifice quality for speed.

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