Your AC unit takes in moisture every day as it works hard to cool your Columbus, Georgia home. Although this is a normal process, it can become problematic when the moisture leads to the formation of corrosive acid. Indoor Solutions, Inc. has seen this happen often enough that we now refer to it as the moisture epidemic. If you have noticed corrosion inside of your AC unit, please contact our company for a consultation. We will look at your AC unit and determine if we need to use our specialized equipment to get rid of the erosion and return your air conditioner to normal functioning.

Another problem that may be caused by excessive moisture in your AC unit is blocked drainage tubes. When there is too much condensation passing through the tubes, it may cause it to clog. This can also happen when a foreign object, such as dirt, leaves or other debris, become lodged within the drainage tube. Regardless of how the tubes become blocked, too much moisture within the AC unit can lead to serious damage. If the problem is left untreated, the air conditioner may stop functioning altogether. You can usually tell when the unit has taken in too much condensation when it is sweating or the drainage pan is not discharging any water. This means that it is trapped within the unit.

If the amount of condensation inside your air conditioner is small, you can attempt to dry it out yourself by shutting the unit off and removing the water. However, Indoor Solutions, Inc. recommends having our service technicians look at an air conditioner that has an excessive amount of water trapped inside. Cases like these typically require us to use a specialized vacuum and a nitrogen application to get the air conditioner working properly again in your Columbus home.

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