You certainly don’t want to be caught without a working furnace when the Georgia days turn cold. But if your current furnace is on the fritz, you shouldn’t rush a furnace replacement until you have taken a little time to research all the models and features that are out there. What matters most to you? New? Used? Fancy? High efficiency? Low cost? There are many features and options to consider.

Some import features to consider for a furnace replacement:

  • Type of output
  • Type of Ignition system (automatic versus a pilot light)
  • Warranty length
  • Zoned heating feature and more

What’s the right type of furnace replacement for you?

Let’s look a little closer at these features for a furnace replacement:


The heat output for your new furnace matters depending on the size of your home. Many furnace models today offer variable output so that the heating level can be adjusted depending on your heating needs. You can also look for features like variable speed blowers that let you adjust the heat output.


Most new furnaces today don’t have pilot lights like in days of old. Today most models have either direct spark or hot surface ignition systems that make it easier to light and also improve the furnace’s efficiency.


Some manufacturers offer basic warranties, but fancier models come with a much more robust and lengthy warranty. If you are shopping for a furnace replacement today, it seems that warranty should be top of mind.

Zoned Heating

This great furnace feature allows you to adjust which rooms in your home get heated and when. It uses a central system and lets you adjust heating in certain “zones” of your house to increase efficiency and save you money. If parts of your home get a lot of Georgia sun, then you might not need to heat them as much in winter.

These are just some options and features to consider for a new furnace. Call the experts at Indoor Solutions for more information on how the latest furnace features and models. We’ve proudly served the Columbus, Ga., and Phenix, Ala., areas since 2003.

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