If your air conditioner is emitting foul odors in your Harris County GA home, it's a definite indication that cleaning and maintenance are needed. Air conditioner smells can result from a variety of causes. Pungent smells can be a result of a clogged air-conditioning drain. Water and dirt can sit in the condensation chamber for long periods of time. This stagnation produces foul odors that permeate the home when the unit is running. This can occur if the air conditioner has not been professionally cleaned for over a year.

Animals like mice and squirrels often find their way through crevices in the home to the condensation chamber and ductwork of a home. Many times, these animals get stuck and perish. The smell of decomposition is a stench that can be passed on with the ventilation system running. Another common cause of air conditioner smells is dirty air filters. Air filters accumulate a lot of dust and dirt, and odors are passed on from the debris in the filters. It's one of the reasons why we always advise our customers to change the air filter once a month. If your ductwork hasn't been cleaned in five to six years, the build-up of dirt and mold can also cause annoying air conditioner smells.

How to Get Rid of Odors from Air Conditioning

While you may think an air freshener might solve the problem, it's definitely not a long-term fix. Air fresheners will only mask the real problem. At Indoor Solutions, we're a full-service HVAC contractor that has the equipment and skills to get rid of air conditioner smells. We'll do a full inspection with state-of-the-art cameras to check and see if the ductwork is infested with mold or animal debris. If we find any of these contaminants, a duct cleaning will be needed. We use high-powered vacuums with HEPA filters and industry tools to safely and completely dislodge any material.

If the odors are a result of a clogged air-conditioning drain, we'll do a full cleaning of the condenser chamber. Keep in mind that one of the best ways to avoid odors from air conditioners is to sign up for a regular service plan. Not only is this an effective way to keep your unit in good operating condition, it's a way to keep all the components of the air conditioning system clean. During a regular maintenance visit, our technicians clean all the parts of the unit, including mold on the coils. With proper maintenance and cleaning, you can breathe easy year-round.

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