A building performance evaluation is an important step toward making your Auburn, Georgia, home more energy-efficient. Also known as an energy audit, a building performance evaluation can provide you with detailed information on improvements you can make to boost your home’s efficiency, lower energy bills, and increase overall comfort.

The Blower Door Test

Every performance evaluation begins with a blower door test. A blower door is a machine used to measure your home’s airtightness and help locate leaks. Your HVAC contractor will mount the blower door fan into an exterior door’s frame. When turned on, the fan sucks the air out of the house and lowers the interior air pressure. Since the outside air pressure is higher than the interior pressure, outside air flows back in through any openings and cracks.

When combined with smoke pencils and other tools, the blower door machine gives technicians a clear picture of where those air leaks are located.

Before the blower test begins, the HVAC technician will walk with you through the home, giving you a chance to point out areas you know are drafty or less comfortable than other parts of the house. The test typically takes an hour or more depending on the size of your home.

Getting an Accurate Reading

The HVAC technicians at Indoor Solutions use a number of tools during the blower door test to assess the situation. In addition to smoke pencils, we utilize manometers and handheld pressure gauges to derive accurate readings during the inspection process. We may also recommend more advanced thermographic imaging services, especially if we’re evaluating a commercial building, or if the structure cannot accommodate the blower door machine.

Once completed, our technicians will review the results of your building performance evaluation, discuss any issues we found, and suggest solutions for addressing the problems.

Ensure your home or commercial building is optimized for energy efficiency. Call Indoor Solutions at 706-225-8241 to schedule a building performance evaluation with our expert technicians.

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