Many of us cannot imagine living without our air conditioning during the hot and sticky summer months in Auburn GA. Did you know that when Willis Haviland Carrier invented air conditioning in 1902, it was not intended for the purpose of providing cooling comfort to humans? It was originally invented to lessen the effects of humidity on paper.

As a young engineer, Carrier was given the task of solving the humidity problem for a Brooklyn printing company while working for a heating company in upstate New York. The system he devised was quickly recognized as a means of providing cooling comfort to humans. By 1915, he had formed his own company, Carrier Engineering Corporation that provided cooling systems to both commercial and residential customers. Today, over a century later, his company remains as one of the major manufacturers of heating, cooling, and refrigeration equipment. So on a hot day, you have Carrier to thank for having invented air conditioning.

Air conditioning systems have been improved over the last century to the energy-efficient and environmentally friendly systems we know today. Equipment that has been manufactured during the last decade boast increased SEER ratings and can provide you with up to 40 percent savings on your cooling costs. If you are considering replacing your air conditioner, then there is no better time than the offseason to schedule an installation. You will beat the summer rush and be ready to start saving once the hot weather hits our area.

With the reinstatement of federal tax credits for 2013, if you choose to install a high-efficiency split system or packaged central air system, you may qualify for a $300 tax credit. The split system must have efficiency ratings of 16 SEE and 13 EER or better and the package system must have ratings of 14 SEER and 13 EER or better.

If you have decided to replace your existing equipment, we can help you choose the model that will provide you with the best comfort for your home. We offer flexible financing options to fit almost any budget. With the money you save on your monthly cooling costs, you will find that your system will pay for itself very quickly.

Indoor Solutions has been providing residents in Auburn GA and its surrounding areas with dependable service for the past decade. We offer installation of all types of heating and cooling equipment and service all makes and models of your existing equipment. For all your home's cooling and heating needs, contact us. Our experienced staff is ready to provide you with the best possible value and comfort for your home and family.

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