Are you concerned about your A/C’s SEER (seasonal energy efficiency ratio) rating? In order to ensure that your system’s efficiency rating is maximized at the time of installation and throughout its lifespan, it’s important to find the right HVAC professional. To receive the most value from your cooling equipment, here’s a look at four factors that your contractor should consider.

1. Equipment sizing

If you would like your A/C to operate efficiently while keeping your home cool and dry, it must be sized to meet your cooling and dehumidification needs. When an air conditioner is too small, it will experience undue stress as it attempts to meet your demands. This results in lowered comfort levels and can lead to costly repairs. On the other hand, an oversized system will eat up energy through short, frequent on/off cycles. These short cycles will prevent your A/C from adequately removing moisture from your home’s air. If you’re installing new equipment, be sure that your contractor performs the necessary load calculations to size your equipment. If your current system is incorrectly sized, you may benefit from an upgrade.

2. Refrigerant charge

Another major factor in optimizing an A/C’s SEER is refrigerant charge. Even small deviations from the manufacturer’s specifications can yield a significant reduction in system performance. Refrigerant charge should be checked and adjusted during installation and annual A/C tune-ups. 3. Airflow

Proper airflow is required for the desired temperature change to occur across the evaporator coil. Inadequate airflow, therefore, can result in a reduction of efficiency and comfort. Like refrigerant, airflow must be measured at the time of installation and during routine maintenance.

4. Tight ducts

If your home’s ducts have leaks, a great deal of conditioned air could be lost each day. This results in higher energy consumption, uneven cooling and discomfort. Have your ducts evaluated before A/C installations or if you feel that your cooling bills are higher than normal.

For an installation that maximizes your A/C’s SEER, contact us at Indoor Solutions, Inc. We serve residents of Columbus, Ga., Phenix City, Ala., and the surrounding areas.

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