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Hidden Dirt: Your Home Isn’t as Clean as You Think

September 17, 2016

No matter how diligent you are about keeping up with your housekeeping, you may have a wealth of dust, dirt, and bacteria hiding around the house. There are several sly spots where dirt can hide if you’re not diligent about seeking it out. Make sure these oft-neglected areas of your Auburn, Alabama home are addressed regularly so your house is truly as fresh and clean as it looks.

Your Kitchen Sink

The kitchen sink is used to clean things up, so you may have a misleading image of this as a place for fresh, sparkling dishes and germ-free hands. Unfortunately, the average kitchen sink isn’t nearly so pristine. If you leave dishes to soak in the sink, or let food particles linger in the garbage disposal, the sink can become a breeding ground for bacteria like salmonella and E. coli.

Stop the bacterial growth in your sink by sanitizing the area. Use a diluted bleach solution to rinse out your sink daily, and let it run down the drain to clean out the garbage disposal as well. You can also freshen up your garbage disposal with baking soda and vinegar. Toss ice cubes down and run the disposal to knock lingering food off the blades.

Window Hangings

Many people let their curtains and drapes hang in place for weeks or months at a time. These areas are a prime spot for dirt and dust to gather. If you open your windows, pollen and other allergens can blow in from outside and nestle in the fabric, lowering your indoor air quality. If your window hangings are washable, launder them regularly to battle this buildup. Vacuum, shake out, or hand wash other types of window hangings.

Dust off your blinds as well to take care of hidden dust here. This may seem like a monotonous task, but it can do wonders for the cleanliness of your home. The brush attachment on your vacuum can speed up and simplify the process.

The Perimeter of Your Home

Your baseboards may look sleek and well-fitting, but there’s a good chance that they’re not as secure as they seem. Use the narrow nozzle attachment on your vacuum to clean at the very bottom of the baseboards. You may find that you can get the nozzle slightly under the baseboards, picking up dust, dirt, and other debris that’s been hiding. Vacuum around the edges of your rooms frequently to clear out these unseen areas. Run a dust cloth over the top of the baseboard as well. You may be surprised at how dingy that rag comes away looking.

Air Filters

Air filters are designed to help keep your home clean, but it’s easy to forget that these hardworking features need a little care and attention themselves. You should change the filter in your HVAC system once every two to three months to keep it fresh and clean. If you wait any longer, the filter can become clogged, diminishing your indoor air quality. Don’t forget that there are air filters in your vacuum cleaner, humidifier, and air cleaner as well. Change or clean these regularly, in accordance with the manufacturer’s guidelines.

Ceiling Fans

Cast your eyes skyward and see how your ceiling fans are looking these days. If you don’t give them regular attention, the answer is probably quite alarming. Air fans naturally gather dust and dirt as they rotate, and this can cling visibly to the edges of the blades. Spray a pillowcase with dusting spray, place it carefully over each fan blade, and wipe the dust off. Vacuum the area below the fan thoroughly after you clean, as the activity is bound to stir up some dust that will settle on the floor. Aim to wipe down your fan blades at least once a month, and more if you’re noticing a visible buildup sooner.

Make sure your home is properly maintained to keep hidden dirt at bay. This includes scheduling regular HVAC maintenance to keep the air clean. To learn more about how an annual tune-up can minimize dirt in your home, contact Indoor Solutions at 706-225-8241.

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