Balanced home humidity is important for comfort, especially during the humid summers in Columbus, Georgia. A well-balanced home can help mitigate lung irritation and keep humidity-related damage from occurring. Here are three ways you can balance the humidity in your home.


Humidifiers and dehumidifiers are great ways to balance your home’s humidity automatically. Depending on your needs, you can choose between whole-house or room-sized systems. If you live in an apartment or only notice troubling humidity levels in one or two rooms, a room-sized humidifier will do fine, while larger houses can benefit from whole-house models. These systems work by either adding humidity to the air or removing it. Many systems can sense humidity levels automatically and adjust accordingly, while others can be set to the homeowner’s specifications. Smaller-sized systems can be purchased independently and placed throughout the home, while larger systems should be installed by a professional.

Check Seals

Seals are important barriers around your home’s openings, whether they are windows or doors. Seals that are cracked or split can let in outside air, which during the summer can lead to high levels of humidity. You’re less likely to have issues during the winter, but you may still notice a decrease in humidity if your seals are particularly worn. At least once a year, you should walk around and check all the seals in your home, including all caulking and weather stripping. Fixing these entry points can also improve indoor air quality.


Ventilation systems allow for movement in your home, which is especially important in areas that can get extremely humid like bathrooms and kitchens. Running your ventilator when cooking or after taking a shower can help remove that extra moisture from the air, balancing your humidity levels instead of leaving them to stagnate. Plus, ventilation can help keep the air in your house fresh, improving home comfort.

If you’re concerned that your home’s humidity levels are out of balance, the experts at Indoor Solutions Inc can help. Give us a call at 706-225-8241 to set up a consultation today!

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