Spring is an enjoyable season in Georgia, as a pleasant change in weather brings about new leaves and beautiful blossoms. Unfortunately, springtime allergies are a serious issue in Columbus, Georgia, which can put a damper on enjoying the season. However, there are a number of different ways you can avoid common springtime allergies to help you stay comfortable in your home. Here are our top three tips for staying sniffle-free this spring.

Change Your HVAC Filter

One of the first things you should do once spring arrives is change your HVAC filter. These filters are your last defense between the outside and inside of your home and work to trap any remaining allergens before they have a chance to enter your household.

You can choose between disposable and reusable filters. Just make sure to look at the HEPA rating, as this number refers to how well the filter keeps out allergens and other debris. The higher the number, the better it is at filtering.

Run Your Air Conditioner

Many homeowners are tempted to throw open their windows and enjoy the change in weather during the spring. However, this can introduce outdoor allergens into your home even if you have window screens in place. Instead, use your air conditioner to cool your home rather than the outdoor air. This provides extra filtration and can keep pollen and other allergens away, improving the comfort of your household.

Do a Deep Clean

Spring cleaning is a ritual in many Columbus homes, but if you have family members with allergies, your cleaning routine needs to go a little deeper. Make sure to deep clean any fabric items, including carpets, drapes, and cushions, and get rid of allergens and other debris with a bit of steam cleaning. Also, be sure to dust everywhere, like shelves, vents, and underneath items, to keep your home clean.

If you notice your allergies getting worse even after you take these steps, contact the experts at Indoor Solutions. Give us a call at 706-225-8241 to set up an appointment today!

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