If you notice your energy bills going up during the winter, the problem may be connected to the thermostat settings in your Columbus, Georgia, home. Discover how changes to your thermostat settings, such as reducing the ambient temperature during the day and maintaining a setting of 68 degrees while at home, are some ways you can save energy costs this winter.

Do: Set Your Thermostat at 68 Degrees

Sixty-eight degrees is the best winter thermostat setting, according to the California Energy Commission. This organization recommends keeping the thermostat between 60 and 70 degrees. During the winter, this range will save up to 5 percent in energy costs, for each degree you turn down the thermostat.

Additionally, the California Energy Commission recommends layering warm weather clothing, such as sweaters, to stay more comfortable in a slightly cooler house.

Do: Turn Down the Thermostat

The U.S. Department of Energy reports that by turning down your thermostat between 10 and 15 degrees for an eight-hour period, your heating bill savings will be between 5 and 15 percent. Reduce your home’s temperature while you’re away at work and at night while you’re asleep.

If you have a programmable thermostat in your home, the most convenient method is to put your schedule into the thermostat. However, manual adjustments will work well, too.

Don’t: Turn Off the Thermostat Completely

Turning off your thermostat completely does not gain you extra savings. When you turn the thermostat off and let the house get cold, the furnace has to use extra energy to bring the temperature back to your comfort level. Additionally, your house will be cold and uncomfortable when you get home, which prompts people to turn up the thermostat.

Let Indoor Solutions be your heating resource for this Georgia winter. We’re Bryant dealers and can recommend and install a programmable thermostat that best fits your heating needs. We’re also here to serve your furnace maintenance, repair, and replacement needs. Call us at 706-225-8241.

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