Keeping your home cool in the Georgia climate can be an annoying affair, and it’s tempting to find some way – any way – to cut energy costs and get cool faster. However, not all the advice you may receive is good advice. Beware these home cooling myths, which may backfire.

Fans Keep Your Room Cool

It may surprise you that fans don’t lower the temperature of a room at all. What they do is keep individuals in the room cool. They do this in two ways. The moving air helps sweat evaporate from your skin, and as your skin loses heat to the air next to you, the fan moves this warmed air away from you so that cooler air can take its place.

Bigger Is Better When It Comes to A/C

No way! Sizing your air conditioner to your home is important. If your A/C is oversized, will cool your home too fast, meaning it will have to shut off more frequently so the temperature can even out. That’s a recipe for noise, temperature swings and system wear and tear, not home comfort.

Cranking the Thermostat Makes Your Home Cool Faster

Your air conditioner can only put out a set amount of cooling unless it’s equipped with a variable-speed fan. Cranking the thermostat may make your home get too cold, but it won’t make it cool off any faster.

You Can’t Stay Cool Without an A/C

You might be surprised! While an air conditioning system delivers needed cooling during the hottest parts of the day, dehumidification, ventilation and ceiling fans can make you quite comfortable when the days aren’t scorchers.

If you want to learn more about home cooling myths and ways to really boost your home cooling, check out Indoor Solutions, Inc.’s home cooling solutions, or call us at 706-225-8241.

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