During the hot summers, it’s hard to imagine people went without air conditioning in their Columbus, Georgia, homes. Considering air conditioning wasn’t invented until 1902, people had to find other ways to stay cool in their homes. Here’s how they did it.

Tuning The Windows

Homes were built differently before air conditioning. Windows were typically integrated into opposite walls so that, when they were open, they would cross ventilate the room. Older homes also had both top and bottom windows, and people knew how to open them just right to maximize the ventilation. When it was hot, people opened the top of the window to let the warm air out. In the evening and night, the bottom windows were opened so the cold air could come into the home. 

Landscaping With Purpose

People were thoughtful when they landscaped their home. The intention was to keep the house insulated in the winter and shaded during the summer. Shade trees were often planted along the perimeter of the home to keep the sun from beating down on the home. Vines climbing the side of the home also offered shade to many homes. 

Even though you have air conditioning today, you should still consider planting shade trees for your home. The extra shade will help save money on your utility bills and lighten the workload from your air conditioner during the summer.

Enjoying The Front Porch

It’s especially prevalent in the south to see front porches or wrap around porches on older homes. Currently, people build porches because they look nice. Before air conditioning, these porches helped families stay cool. The shaded porch provided a place to relax outdoors in a cooler place than inside the home. While it’s nice to enjoy a porch if you have one, it’s equally nice to seek shelter from the sun in your cool air-conditioned home

If your air conditioner is ready for a tune up, or you want some more ways to take the load off your air conditioner, we are the people to call. Contact Indoor Solutions, Inc. at 706-225-8241 to speak to an experienced professional today. 

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