When the power goes out, dealing with the loss of electricity can be stressful. While Columbus, Georgia, doesn’t get a lot of catastrophic storms, that doesn’t mean that power outages are uncommon. Generators can help your family get back on its feet after an outage quickly. Here are three ways a generator can give you peace of mind.

Get Power Quickly

A generator allows quick turn around when a power outage hits. Most generators are ready to fire up immediately and restore your home’s power within minutes. The size of your generator dictates its ability, but regardless of what size you have, powering up should be quick and painless. This helps minimize any power outage-related issues and get your life back to normal as quickly as possible. Just be sure to not run your generator inside your home—this can cause a build-up of gas and have serious health consequences.

Prevent Loss

When the power goes out, your fridge and freezer stop working. Plus, rising humidity levels in your home can affect the state of your fridge as well as any perishables you have in your pantry. Food will begin to spoil after a short while, which can not only affect grocery budgets but also generate a lot of waste. A generator can keep your fridge going and prevent the loss of your food.

Retain Comfort

In rare instances, power outages can go on for several days. Your house can quickly become stuffy and uncomfortable after a few hours, so a few days can make it unbearable. A properly sized generator can help your HVAC system resume function or get your water heater going. Small comforts can make a huge difference during a stressful situation, especially if you have to continue to work during the outage. Coming home to an uncomfortable home is unpleasant, especially if you can’t shower or relax due to temperature discomfort.

The experts at Indoor Solutions can help you pick a generator that works best for you. Give us a call at 706-225-8241 to set up a consultation today!

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